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Current Class Lineup

MO State Fair 2017 Lightweight Barrows

Performance Bulls 2018

ADM Heavyweight Market Barrows

ADM Market Goats 2017

ADM Market Lambs 2017

ADM Showtec Heifers 2017

Dixie National Heavyweight Slick Steers

JudgingPro-Showtec State Fair Angus Heifers

JudgingPro-Showtec Market Goats

JudgingPro-Showtec Market Barrows

JudgingPro-Showtec County Fair Champion Market Lamb Drive

JudgingPro 2016 Gilts

JudgingPro - State Fair Barrows 2016

Retail Cut ID 1

Stockman Heifers with critique

Heavy Weight Crossbred Barrows Fall 2015 with Critique

Performance SimAngus Bulls-extended critique

Stockman Market Lambs - Fall 2015

Market Lambs Fall 2015 with Critique

Duroc barrows Fall 2015 with Critique

Dixie National Medium Weight Steers Fall 2015

Chi Influenced Heifer Calves Fall 2015

Dark Market Hogs Fall 2015

San Antonio Stock Show Barrows

Performance Angus Bulls Spring 2015

Aged Quarter Horse Geldings Spring 2015

Aged Quarter Horse Geldings 2 Spring 2015

Aged Paint Geldings Spring 2015

2015 San Angelo Stock Show Speckled Faced Market Lambs

2015 San Angelo Stock Show Market Goats

Market Hogs Winter 2015

2014 KILE Bred-Angus Heifers

Market Lambs 2

Pork Fresh Hams

Lamb Carcasses

Beef Loins

Performance Hereford Bulls critiqued by Chip Kemp

Hampshire Market Wethers critiqued by Chip Kemp

2014 KILE Southdown Ewes

Heavy Weight Slick Steers critiqued by Chip Kemp

NBS Duroc Market Barrows

Angus Heifers critiqued by Chip Kemp

Market Goats critiqued by Chip Kemp

2014 KILE Hereford Heifers

Performance Crossbred Gilts Fall 2014

Market Steers Class

Yorkshire Gilts Fall 2014

Market Lamb Class

Keystone International Hereford Heifers Fall 2014

Dark Crossbred Barrows - Critiqued by Chip Kemp

County Fair Champion Market Hog Lineup - Critiqued by Chip Kemp Fall 2014

Dixie National Simmental Heifers critiqued by Kyle Culp

Feedlot Steers Summer 2014

Intermountain Market Hog Summer 2014

Market Goat Live-Carcass Composition Summer 2014

Intermountain Market Steer Summer 2014

Intermountain Market Lamb Data Summer 2014

Red Crossbred Steers Spring 2014

Market Hogs Spring 2014

Berkshire Gilts Spring 2014

Mixed Market Barrows Spring 2014 - Critique by Chip Kemp

Keystone International SimAngus Heifers

Keystone International Market Lambs

Keystone International Poland Gilts

Keystone International Southdown ewes

Keystone International Shropshire Ewes

Keystone International Hereford Bulls Fall 2013

Keystone International Angus Heifers Fall 2013

Keystone International Maintainer Heifers Fall 2013 critique by Kyle Culp

Cross bred Steers Sept 2013 - Critique by Chip Kemp

8 Month Old Yorkshire Gilts Sept 2013

Cross Bred Steers Sept 2013 Critique by Dr. Dan Shike

3 Year Old Holstein Cows August 2013

Market Goats August 2013 - Critique by Chip Kemp

Market Lambs September 2013 Critique by Dr. Scott Greiner

Yorkshire Boars August 2013

Boer Does August 2013

Heavy Weight Market Barrows August 2013 - Critique by Chip Kemp

Duroc Gilts August 2013 - Critique by Chip Kemp

Crossbred Market Barrows III critiqued by Chris Fischbacher

Cross Bred Market Barrows II

Cross Bred Market Barrows I critiqued by Brian Williams

Dixie National Heavy Weight Market Steers - Critique by Chip Kemp

Dixie National Brahman Bulls

Dixie National Continental Heifers

Dixie National Angus Heifers

Angus Heifers II

Crossbred Market Hog Meat Evaluation - Critique By Kyle Culp

Medium Weight Crossbred Market Hogs - Critiqued by Brian Anderson

Simsolution Heifers - Critiqued by Jack Ward

Wether Dam

Cross Bred Ewes

Southdown Ewes

Hereford Heifers

Angus Heifer Calves II

Boer Goat Doe Kids

Boer Goat Bucks

Angus Heifer Calves I

CPS Gilts

Holstein Cow

Market Lamb

Duroc Gilts Critiqued by Cody Sloan

Performance Angus Bulls - Critiqued by Marty Ropp

Slick Steers - Critiqued by Jack Ward

Heavy Weight Crossbred Market Hogs - Critiqued by Cody Sloan

15-16 month Does - Critiqued by Brian Faris

Simmental Heifers - Critiqued by Marty Ropp

Crossbred steers - Critiqued by Cary Crow

Market Lambs - Critiqued by Brad Angus

6-9 month Does - Critiqued by Josh Taylor

Light Weight Crossbred Market Hogs - Critiqued by Ryan Sites

Crossbred Gilts - Critiqued by Cody Sloan

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