About Us

Welcome to JudgingPro - where we use today's technology to enhance traditional livestock judging and training. Our aim is to become your go-to source for online evaluation videos.

JudgingPro is committed to generating high quality, contemporary livestock evaluation videos. Classes are streamed in high definition* to aid the educator, coach, parent, and young livestock judger in enhancing their understanding of visual appraisal of cattle, meat goats, sheep, and swine.

One of the unique aspects of JudgingPro is that each class is critiqued and explained by industry-minded professionals. These experts understand the showring, but more importantly, they appreciate the real world aspects of each species. By simply muting the videos you are able to decide if you wish to judge the class or, with the sound on, hear the official's opinion of the class. JudgingPro will offer eight high definition, professionally captured and edited videos at any given time.

Regular updates will occur throughout the year, but updates will be more frequent during the judging season. Once a class has rotated off the list that class will not be used again. This guarantees JudgingPro provides contemporary, timely videos for your use. Given the cost of travel, the limitations of your time, and the challenge to consistently find contest caliber livestock - we hope JudgingPro is a welcome addition to your current training program.

JudgingPro - Technology enhancing Tradition

*Your experience may vary depending on your internet connection speed and your computer hardware. See system requirements.